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TONDOsmiling's work works with new technologies and addresses the connected and intelligent image experience in the 21st century. It questions the boundaries between the real and the virtual world and how they affect human behavior on a global level.

The series of works addresses the idea of myth through selfies, video games, consumer society, global conversation and the global image, artificial intelligence, the meaning of semiotics on the internet at an economic and psychological level through likes and emoji, the private versus the public, or the absurd, the banal, the superficial or the glamorous, as signs of intelligence versus the machine, and the real and the virtual.

The works are composed of different languages and materials, where there is a tension of one or more concrete facts. Painting, image, video and space dialogue to create new spaces of thought that question the value of the image and digital communication. The works are transformed and take their own concepts to questions that art has not faced before, renouncing the empirical but embracing its content.

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